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Porcelain paintings and porcelain painting supplies from porcelain artist, teacher, and portrait specialist, Marty Hill are featured in her new online studio. You can browse her paintings using the portrait and art tabs above and porcelain artists will find a wide range of china painting supplies (European matte paints, and San Do's medium, colors, and brushes) in Marty's online catalog.

Featured Item

Porcelain painting by porcelain artist and teacher, Marty Hill. This painting is not offered for sale.

Lizard Eyes

Porcelain artist, Marty Hill has created this fantastic porcelain painting of lizard eyes. The bright colors of the lizard are highlighted with a background of European matte paints.

Artists wishing to create their own version of this painting will find a china painting study with written instructions, a line drawing, and color worksheets for each firing, a tile with decal line drawing already fired on, and a line of European matte paints (to produce that velvety background) in Marty's online supplies catalog.

Porcelain painting, Lizard Eyes, by porcelain artist and teacher, Marty Hill

Painting of a couple dancing using the graffito technique on porcelain by porcelain artist and teacher, Marty Hill.

Porcelain Artist, Marty Hill, renews the graffito technique in some new paintings.

The graffito technique has been resurrected by porcelain artist and teacher, Marty hill in her recent paintings of Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, and a couple dancing on porcelain. The technique is quite old, and produces striking paintings on porcelain.

The photo to the left of Marty Hill's porcelain painting "The Dancers", depicts a couple dancing and is created using the graffito technique. Click on the title or this photo to see more graffito technique paintings.

Marty Hill is available to teach a basic workshop in the graffito technique at your location or at her home in Kansas City, MO. The graffito class is usually 2 days. Marty also teaches a follow on class to create a complex design such as "The Dancers". The follow-on class requires completion of the basic graffito class. More information about seminars is available in Marty's Seminar Contract Information document.Click Here to view and print.

Contact us:

Marty Hill
9803 North Potter Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64157

Or send us an email.

News from Marty

Marty is teaching at UMPAS in June 2012 and the WOCP Art Institute in July 2012.

Marty is offering "Portrait of Choice" at these schools

Midwest Porcelain Art School, September 30 - October 5, 2012. Portrait of choice on porcelain with porcelain artist and teacher, Marty Hill

Porcelain Painters Paradise, Sessions 1 and 2 in mid-September 2012.

Michigan Porcelain Artist Spring Painting Retreat, Sessions 1 and 2 in April, 2012.

Marty's Supplies Brochure Available
Click Here to view and print.
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